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Meegs Lures


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Introducing Meegs Fins, the perfect complement to your Meegs Jigs! Available in two sizes and a palette of ten exciting colors, these fins redefine the fishing experience. Crafted to mimic miniature tube jigs, they elegantly wrap around our Meegs Jigs, providing a lifelike action irresistible to fish.

Precision is our focus – each fin is tailor-made, and every tentacle is poured in its dedicated chamber. This unique design eliminates the need for cutting, ensuring perfection with every tentacle. Unlike traditional tube jigs, Meegs Fins deliver enhanced flow and action in the water, maximizing your chances of a successful catch.

Whether paired with Meegs Jigs or used independently, Meegs Fins are your secret weapon for reeling in more fish. Elevate your fishing game and immerse yourself in the unparalleled allure of Meegs Fins.