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Eurotackle Spade Blade FIRETIGER

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Eurotackle is proud to the introduce the all-new Spade Blade. A unique flutter spoon with multiple advantages. The Spade Blade was an original idea of Travis Krousie from J&S Custom Jigs, a talented US lure designer, known for his custom Tungsten jigs and a famous metal flutter spoon.

 The ‘Spade’ combines aspects of a variety of spoons to make the ultimate package. Its metal body has a specific spade design, curve on the inside for enhanced fluttering action. 

Thanks to its internal rattles and micro blades on each sides, the Eurotackle Spade Blade generates a mix of flashes and noises to attract fish from the distance.

The internal rattle chamber is placed centrally so it doesn’t impact the fluttering action and offers a symetrical balance. The micro blades, on top of their visual effect, generate an additional sound attraction. The blades are designed to complement the overall color patterns of the individual spoons, while maintaining some contrast from the spoon itself.

The Spade Blade features premium quality Mustad treble hooks. This lure is offered in two sizes – 1/16 oz and 1/4 oz – to cover a wide range of target species, including Walleye, Trout, Bass and Panfish such as Perch, Crappie and Bluegill. 

While the Spade Blade and its fluttering action will attract hard water fanatics, it will also amaze open water anglers. During our testing it was real Trout magnet in streams and rivers. The natural swimming action of our new spoon will quickly get you addicted.